The more informed that all parties are that operate in the .nz domain name space, the better it is for all involved.

Because of this, we have developed a number of educational resources about the .nz domain name space and the Domain Name Commission, so if you are interested, check these out below:

Brochures and Articles

Need more information about securing your own unique domain name? Or if you register domain names on behalf of your clients? The following brochures and articles outline the basics of the .nz domain name space and how it works so check them out.

Video and Audio

We know that some things are better explained visually. Because of this we have put together two overview videos relating to the Conflicted Names Process and the .nz Dispute Resolution Service.


We publish statistics relating to the number of .nz domain name registrations as well as market share. Current information, as well as historical information to allow for comparisons over time.