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Christmas period hours 

The team is taking a much-needed break over the Christmas holidays. From 24 December 2020 to 5 January 2021, we’ll have a skeleton crew working on queries. We will respond to all urgent queries within 2 business days. 

Our chatbot, Any, will be online 24/7 eagerly waiting to answer any general enquiries too! 

The .nz dispute resolution service will also be closed for filings. The final working day will be 23 December 2020, with the service re-opening on Monday 11 January 2021. 

General enquiries

Our website contains several resources to assist people, check out Any, our FAQ bot on our website for any questions you may have. 

For any enquiries about the .nz domain name space, please see our contact details below:

Phone: 0800 101 151 or +64 4 472 1600
Email: [email protected]

Please note that our operating hours are 8 am - 4 pm Mon-Fri, NZST. For all correspondence, we aim to reply within 24 business hours. Please note, COVID-19 may affect these timeframes; you can find out more about how we are taking action here:

Information about complaints

There is no cost for advice and help when it comes to .nz domain name related complaints.

If you have a complaint about a .nz related matter, you should first seek to raise the issue with the party involved with the complaint. 

If the party does not respond after a reasonable amount of time or you are dissatisfied with the response, then please contact us.

Media enquiries

Please get in touch with our colleagues at InternetNZ for media queries. 

Phone: 027 854 4001
email: [email protected]

Reporting security vulnerabilities

If you wish to report a security vulnerability regarding this website or any other DNCL websites or systems, please follow the process and steps outlined in the NZITF Coordinated Disclosure Guidelines

You can email us at [email protected]. If you believe the vulnerability is severe and wish to use PGP encryption, you can request this also.

Physical address

Domain Name Commission Limited
PO Box 11 881
Level 11, 80 Boulcott Street
Wellington 6011
New Zealand