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02 Mar 2021
This month's newsletter has updates on our work to address COVID-19 scams, the .nz policy review consultation (open until 2 April), the Registrar Advisory Group, and more. Also, over the two months, the Commission has suspended a total of 102 domains.
04 Feb 2021
Welcome to our first newsletter to kick off the New Year. We have updates on the .nz policy review, suspended domain names, our dispute resolution service and more.
03 Dec 2020
This is our last newsletter for 2020. We have updates on our Christmas close hours, the new Assistant Commissioner role being advertised, our Shop Safe campaign, and we also give you a quick look at some of the work we have done to date.
03 Nov 2020
In this month's newsletter, we have our Any chatbot explainer video, a .nz policy review recommendations update, and a message for registrants - duplicate Glue Records need to be fixed to avoid issues. 
01 Oct 2020
In this month's newsletter, we have updates on Flag Day 2020, a new online negotiation service, our registry lock submission now available on our website, as well as our new blog posts.
03 Sep 2020
Spring greetings! In this month's newsletter, we have an update on our newly published .nz policy review submission and transparency report, the policy consultation and our new blog on how to keep your .nz domain name safe.
03 Aug 2020
In this month's newsletter, we have an update on our newly published 2020 annual report, our .iwi policy consultation, the ongoing fight with fake web shops and phishing attacks, our latest blog: Domain names in the name of democracy, and more.
20 Jul 2020
The .nz Advisory Panel has now reviewed the existing .nz policies, identified the issues and is now proposing options to make as recommendations. You have until 5pm, 14 August 2020, to have your say.
07 Jul 2020
In this month's newsletter, we have an update on the .nz policy review (open for feedback on 16 July), an update on our pricing review, some data on how the team have been working, our guide to liquidators, and tips for registrars and registrants.
09 Jun 2020
In this month's newsletter, we have published a guide for liquidators targeted at the insolvency industry, some information on conflicted names, as well as updates on our latest COVID-19 blogs, privacy in focus, and UDAI generation.
13 May 2020
Part one of a two part blog feature about COVID-19 and .nz. Includes COVID-19 related .nz domain registrations in March-May, domain name suspensions, domain names for good, and what's next?.
01 May 2020
The Domain Name Commission's COVID-19 information hub
30 Apr 2020
This month's newsletter includes, a message from the Commissioner on the .nz name space during the lockdown, an update on our compliance approach, FAQ Bot, COVID-19 domain name registrations, registration information, Shop safe New Zealand, and interesting links and stories.
31 Mar 2020
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